Integrated Sustainability

A strategic growth driver


Primary resources, supply chain, production, disposal and recycle:
Circular Economy is in your goals


Safety, Inclusion, Ethics, Wellbeing and Growht
what are the socially sustainable benefits?


Compliance and value creation in time:
to what extent is sustainability integrated in your business strategy?

What do we do?

We guide organisations in a process towards sustainable development, integrating social, environmental and ethical themes in to business strategy and activities.
It is a strategic approach that, threw specific services and training, is able to generate benefits in terms of risk management, cost reductions, capital access, client relations, human resources, innovative ability and market impact.

Sustainability Strategy

  • ESG Assessment
  • Sustainability Roadmap – People & Change Management – EASI®
  • Stakeholder Engagement

Legal & Compliance

  • Sustainable Corporate Governance
  • ESG, supply chain and business relations
  • Governance, Risk Management & Compliance Models
  • International Standard Implementation
  • Tax Governance & Compliance

Communication & Reporting

  • Communication
  • Reporting

Depending on the project, the most suitable methodologies and tools amongst the existing will be selected:

  • EASI – Ecosistema Aziendale Sostenibile Integrato®
  • Management Systems
  • Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)
  • Sustainable Development Goals
  • Sustainability Ratings

EASI LAB is the community of responsible and sustainable development: dedicated to all those who are really interested in the issues of Integrated Sustainability and who wish to share experiences and opinions on issues related to sustainable development according to the three ESG dimensions.